Why You Should Use All Natural Condoms

More and more people are going the organic way of late, and it’s for a reason — organic products have proven to be more beneficial to our health than inorganic ones. Among the products people are opting for are all natural condoms. Here is one of the reasons why you should also do the same.

Most Inorganic Condom Brands Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients

Even though the FDA doesn’t require manufacturers of condoms to inform consumers of the ingredients used in producing their products, most of them contain compounds that are not vagina-friendly. Some of these ingredients are nitrosamines which can lead to cancer; parabens that can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and mimic estrogens; lubricants that can promote yeast growth; and dyes, flavors, and fragrances that feed yeast, alter vaginal pH, and cause irritations.

This, among other reasons is why you should avoid inorganic condoms and only use all natural (organics ones).