Introducing the best sex toy to a Timid Partner    

We are most at ease when we are exploring with someone we love and trust.

If you’re introducing the best sex toy to your partner, tell him that this indicates how intimate, vulnerable, and at ease, you are with him.

Let him know how much you love his junk, how sexy he is, how horny you are for him, and, most importantly, that no toy can replace the intimacy and connection you have with him.

Vibrators, as fantastic as they are, do not provide you with coffee in bed, do not dry your tears, do not have dinner with your friends, and do not share their deepest thoughts with you.

Don’t just grab your best sex toy and hope for the best. Make it clear that this isn’t about a lack of ability or knowledge in the bedroom, but rather a way to make both of you happier. It can be challenging to know what to say, mainly if you are hesitant to share your past experiences.