Bachelorette candy is a Must-have

Whether she’s a laid-back bride or a bit of a wild child, every bride needs a bachelorette party! Bachelorette parties are so much fun and create tons of fun memories, whether it’s a charming night out at an expensive restaurant, making appearances at your favorite bars, or pizza and wings with the girls.

 One thing that is a must at bachelorette parties is bachelorette candy. Below are a few to consider.

Candy Lipstick: Do you remember candy lipstick from your childhood? You wore candy lipstick to imitate Mom or your older sister before you could wear the real thing! With fun candy lipstick, bring back the memories of her bachelorette party!

Candy Wax Lips: Gum wax lips are red and glide right over your lips, creating a perfect crimson spooktastic smile for photos. We’re sure there will be a lot of candy wax lip kissing going on.