Escape To Summer Fun On Waikiki

Looking for something to pass the time on the island? (Other than binging every show your friends told you about online, of course.) If a walk in the park or a hotdog on the grill isn’t quite your idea of relaxing summer fun, become your own version of Sherlock Holmes in the tantalizing escape rooms Waikiki loves and add a little bit of spice to your season.

Staged beautifully and thoughtfully, these escape rooms will help you leave the ordinary and dive right into the extraordinary. Solve puzzles with your friends or see what you are made of by going it alone. From library who-done-it settings to escaping “the bank” before the police show up, each room offers a new experience…

And so does each trip!

Pack a bag, grab your keys… and don’t forget your problem solving skills… and hit the road. There’s no better way to escape in Waikiki than to escape