3 Ways To Make Tummy Time Fun For Your Baby

Tummy time is important for babies. It helps them develop strong muscles and can help prevent Flat Head Syndrome. But sometimes it can be hard to get your baby to do tummy time. That’s where these three tips come in!

1) Make tummy time fun! Sing a song, read a book, or play with your baby while they’re on their tummy.

2) Get down on the floor with your baby and do tummy time together. This will make them more likely to want to do it later on their own.

3) Use different toys and activities to keep things interesting for your baby during tummy time. Try a tummy time mat with different textures or a toy that lights up and makes noise.

With these tips, tummy time can be fun for both you and your baby! So get started today and see the benefits for yourself.

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