Why Choose RV Wheel Covers?

RV wheel covers protect your rims, bearings, and axles from road salt, dirt, and damage. They add an appealing look to your rambunctious RV while also providing an additional layer of security against the elements. With the right cover, your RV can be more functional and fun than ever. There are many choices in sizes, colors, and materials to choose from to keep you looking sharp for years to come.

One of the most popular wheel coverings is the hinged case that allows you to secure the cover over just about any size or style of tire. This versatile piece of material can be fixed to the underside of most vehicles, including some of the more exotic models. If you have set up your vehicle with a larger diameter rim, consider having the hinged cover custom-made to fit those dimensions. You can also purchase a universal model that will fit most vehicles with standard rims.