The Sphere Of Life Necklace – A Unique Symbol

This is a symbol that has many different meanings. It may represent the circle of life, or it could be used as a metaphor for the cycle of birth and death. The sphere itself can also symbolize unity, balance, and completeness.

In some cultures and religions, the sphere is also a symbol of unity. In Christianity, it may represent that God created everything from nothingness. The idea of balance between good and evil can be seen in Taoism with its yin-yang symbols. Finally, Zen Buddhism uses this as a metaphor for perfection because it has no beginning or end points on the circumference – just like eternity.

The Sphere of Life Necklace Australia may have different meanings depending upon your religious beliefs or culture, but one thing remains constant: This unique piece will always look beautiful around any neck!

Many people wear this necklace to remind themselves that they are not alone in their struggles with life’s challenges; there are others who have faced similar situations or feelings before them. Others will wear it because they wish to remember those who have passed on to another world .