String Bracelets: What You Need To Know

String bracelets are a popular trend among young girls and women. They’re inexpensive, fashionable, and easy to string together in different patterns. The string is usually made of cotton or nylon string that can be purchased at most craft stores. However, there are many things you need to know about these bracelets before buying them for yourself or as a gift for someone else! This article will discuss three essential points: string material, string length, and how to care for your bracelet.

1) String Material

They are generally made of string, which is usually nylon or cotton string. You can buy string at most craft stores and cut it to size yourself.

2) String Length

They typically come in a string length of either 12 or 16 inches. This means that you need to measure the string around your wrist and cut it if necessary, so make sure to buy some string before going to any craft stores!

3) How To Care For Your Bracelet

TYhey don’t need to be taken off every time you shower or swim. If the string starts getting dirty, just run it underwater for a few minutes and gently scrub with soap or dishwashing liquid.

It is important to note that string can break if exposed to excessive force, such as tugging too hard on the string.

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