ID Cards: What You Should Know

The identification card is a vital document for identification, identification of citizenship, and public services. The competent authority issues it to an individual who satisfies all its issues. You can prove your identity in other countries part of the Schengen zone with the identification card.

  • Identification cards are available in two types: national identification cards and local identification cards (identification documents). National identification cards are used within one country, while local identification cards allow access only to places where they were validly issued.
  • The ID Card should always be carried together with another form of personal ids such as a driver’s license or passport. If you are a foreigner and your identification card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced by the consulate of your home country.
    Your identification card is one of the most important documents that you carry. You need it for everything from identification to proof of age, and even sometimes to rent cars.
    The identification card is your only photo ID when traveling domestically in Canada or internationally (unless a visa stipulation).