International Day of the Girl 2014- Empower girls: End FGM

October 11th 2014 is the International Day of the Girl Child. This year’s theme is “Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the cycle of violence”. Female genital mutilation is one abhorrent form of violence which is done principally to disempower girls. It is usually done by forcibly cutting off the female genitals, generally without anaesthetic in unsterile conditions. It often results […]

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Shame, stigma and silence allows FGM to continue: activist Khadija Gbla.

Khadija Gbla :The shame, stigma and silence that surrounds Female Genital Mutilation is what has allowed it to survive to this day. I want to break the silence. Silence has done nothing for us. Silence hasn’t done anything for the little girls who have been put through this horrible practice. Silence hasn’t protected them – in fact silence has ensured that to this day, as we speak, there is a girl somewhere in the world who is crying, bleeding and asking for somebody to stop what is happening to her. Silence did that. When we as a people are [...]

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Africa Rising screening success

By Epiphanie Bloom On the 30th June, 2014, a group of men and women gathered to support the joint No FGM Australia and Sydney Feminists Australian premiere of “Africa Rising”, the powerful documentary movie about the grassroots movement to end female genital mutilation. The Mitchell Theatre in central Sydney was almost full, as we welcomed speakers […]

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The NSW Education Program on FGM

NSW FGM Program presentation to: AFRICA RISING – SYDNEY FEMINISTS AND NO FGM AUSTRALIA  30/06/2014   Vivienne Strong, Manager, NSW Education Program on FGM Thank you Paula and the “NO FGM Australia” team and the Sydney Feminists Group for the invitation to speak on behalf of the NSW Education Program on FGM at this evenings showing […]

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