Give every woman the right to an orgasm!

Last year our Director, Sybil Williams spoke at the Ignite Sydney festival on the topic “Give Every Woman the Right to an Orgasm”. The primary reason for female genital mutilation is to destroy a woman’s sexual desire, to allow her husband and family to control her behaviour, in particular her sexuality. The theory being that […]

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Make a donation

If you would like to donate to the No FGM Australia campaign Donate To NoFGM Australia Donate to Protect Australian Girls Click Here Donate to Clitoral Restoration fund Click Here

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Defying the odds on FGM and how to donate

DEFYING THE ODDS ON FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION BY KATH KENNY FEBRUARY 4, 2015 1544 74 9 Khadija Gbla, who suffered female genital mutilation as a little girl, has given birth to a baby boy in Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  It was the child she thought would never be born. Speaking exclusively to The Hoopla from […]

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