Four simple things you can do to help stop FGM

Don’t know where to start to help? 
Here are four simple things you can do to help stop FGM:

• Raise awareness: Share No FGM Australia’s information through your social media channels, or talk to your colleagues and peers about how to protect girls at risk of FGM.

• Education: Educate yourself and others on the child protection laws in Australia that relate to child abuse and sexual abuse. This is especially relevant for teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and other professionals who are working with girls at risk. Contact us to book training for your team or organisation.

• Be attentive and learn some of the warning signs: If you know a girl who comes from a community where FGM is practised and is going on holiday to take part in a “special ceremony”, it is probably a good idea to report it.

• Report, report, report: If you are in danger of FGM or if you know of a girl in danger, please call  Child Protection in your state, the police or our FGM Hotline on 1800 522 707.

Every girl has the right to grow into the woman she was born to be!

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