FGM – The Cutting Tradition (FIGO video)

Documentary on FGM (Warning: Some distressing images), from a FIGO video called “The Cutting Tradition”

“There are many reasons given for female genital mutilation, but they always involve purity, virginity, chastity and marriageability.”

The value of girls in many cultures  who practice FGM depends on her being ‘pure’, implying that any normal female sexuality is somehow unwanted or dirty. That is why many cultures who practice FGM believe they are “removing the dirt”, that the clitoris is somehow “impure”. Many cultures such as those in Egypt and many parts of Africa believe that girls are  unable to “control” their sexuality if they are not mutilated, however there is far more likelhood that a girl will be subjected to unwanted sexual attention or rape. In such countries, there does not seem to be any onus on males to control their own sexuality. Instead the little girls are subjected to brutality which involves removing their chance to experience normal sexuality, and instead experience lifelong suffering.


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    In Egypt, FGM started with Paganism.

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      [citation needed]

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